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  America Online Users - FAQ
  Internet Service Provider Users - FAQ
  ALL Users - FAQ
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    Never Offline™ Keywords :
   help - HTML Help for Never Offline™ (you are here)
   amo - AMO - America's Multimedia Online
   artbell - Listen to Art Bell Live on the NET  ©
   beta - Become a beta tester of the latest version of NOL(SM)
   broadcast, bc - Radio Stations Broadcast on the NET  ©
   cnn - CNN - Cable News Network - CNN Interactive © CNN
   default - Show your Never Offline(SM) Default Settings; these are set automatically, but you
    may manually override with the other default keywords.
   default ISP - Manual Override - Never Offline(SM) will default to using your ISP
   default ISP and AOL - Manual Override - Never Offline(SM) will use your ISP then AOL
   default AOL - Manual Override - Never Offline(SM) will use your America Online only
   dictionary, dic - Instant Dictionary ©
   eb - THE Encyclopedia Britanica © EB   eb.COM
   email - Email Never Offline™   help@NeverOffline
   find - Internet Searching; same as ISP™
   ie - Launch Microsoft's Windows Update
   isp - Search multiple engines simultaneously @ the Internet Search Portal™
   keywords - Keyword Display (you're looking @ it)
   netscape - Launch Netscape's Web Site © Netscape
   microsoft, ms - Launch Microsoft's Web Site © Microsoft
   millennium, 2001, y2k - Millennium information, Year 2001 Countdown
   minimize - Minimize Never Offline(SM) (NOL™ will not minimize during Login)
   mp3 - CD Quality Digital MPEG Music
   multimedia - AMO's Multimedia Web Design
   news - Never Offline™ 24hr News  NeverOffline.NET/News
   nol - Never Offline™ Net Portal  NeverOffline.NET or NeverOffline.COM
   scifi - The Sci-Fi Channel on the NET © The Sci-Fi Channel
   search, search11, sem, isp - The one, the ONLY Internet Search Portal™
   shop - Shop the Internet SECURELY and EASILY with AMO.
   startup - Add Never Offline™ to your startup folder so it runs everytime you start
    your computer, use undo startup to undo.
   tell - Tell a Friend about NOL™
   tvguide, tv - © TV Guide
   v, version - Display the Never Offline(SM) Version Number
   weather - - Instant Local Weather © The Weather Channel

   Using "Enter any Web Address, NOL™ Keyword, or local file here and hit enter"
  Using this Never Offline(SM) feature is simple. Just type where you want to go, hit enter,
  and you're instantly there. This includes all internet sites, the built in NOL™ Keywords
  listed above, and local windows files. For example, if you wanted to send an email, simply type
  in the email you want to send to, hit enter and NOL(SM) will prepare an email for you.
  Local Windows Files include, but are not limited to:
  text files, documents, MP3 files, CD Audio files, Music Playlists, and other windows
  applications and files.
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  America Online v3,4 and 5 Users :
    NOL™ will Launch America Online for you.
    NOL™ will connect you to AOL.
    NOL™ will STOP America Online hangups.
    NOL™ will Re-Login to infinity.
    NOL™ will keep you online 24/7.
    NOL™ does ALL this automatically and instantaneously...
    See proof of the power of Never Offline(SM)...
   * (You need to store your password in your AOL Software for
    automatic login/re-login features. Use Keyword: PREFRENCES on AOL)

  Can I use NOL™ with more than 1 AOL Screenname?
    Sure. Simply use the AOL Switch Screen Name Feature when you are ready to
    use another screen name. (This AOL feature is only available with v4, and 5 of AOL)

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  Internet Service Provider Users : ATT, MCI, IBM, Local ISPS etc.
    NOL™ will Launch your ISP.
    NOL™ will connect you to your ISP.
    NOL™ will STOP your "lost" connections.
    NOL™ will Re-Login to infinity.
    NOL™ will keep you online 24/7.
    NOL™ does ALL this automatically and instantaneously...
    See proof of the power of Never Offline(SM)...

   * Never Offline™ will automatically detect your internet connection settings.

    Local Area Network Users; NOL™ will also auto-detect your settings.

  Can I use NOL™ with more than 1 ISP?
    Sure. You only need to use a single ISP with Never Offline(SM) however.
    NOL™ will automatically detect and launch your default ISP, and
    NOL™ will automatically detect the ISP you are currently using. So you may
    use another ISP simply by Launching your ISP first, and then launching NOL™.
     You may also use your ISP and AOL simultaneously by using
     NOL™ Keyword: default ISP and AOL

  Are there particular ISP's you suggest using NOL™ with?
    We suggest using Never Offline(SM) with a paid for ISP that offers
    unlimited internet access. There are many paid for ISP's to choose from.

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  ALL Users (America Online and/or Internet Service Provider):
   FULLY Automatic Login & Re-Login to infinity, both ISP and AOL users alike.
    Full Automation means you don't need to make any changes to your system.
    Never Offline(SM) will automatically detect your internet settings.
    In the rare case of a physical disconnect, NOL(SM) will automatically reconnect you.
   Atomic Clock Synchronization: NOL™ will keep your PC clock automatically
    updated with the worlds most accurate time pieces, Atomic Clocks. This can be
    observed by placing your Mouse over the NOL™ icon in the upper right hand corner
    of NOL™ and accessing the inNOL™Time feature.
   the inNOL™Time Feature...
    By placing your mouse over the NOL™ Icon in the upper right hand corner of NOL™
    you access your statistics. This is a timely accumulation of your current Services,
    Time Online statistics, NOL™ Total (time all told), NOL™ Today (time today) and access
    to your Atomic Clock readout, as well as your last Atomic Clock update.
   Instant Internet Surfing AND MORE...
    NOL™ works seamlessly with Netscape, Internet Explorer, other web browsers and
    your current internet environment. Instantly launch ANY internet site, NOL™ Keyword,
    or local file with ease. See your KEYWORDS... and surf with EASE.

   All Never Offline(SM) Users Frequently Asked Questions
   Will Never Offline(SM) work with my Web Browser of choice?
    Sure. Never Offline(SM) will automatically use your default Web Browser.
     If you would like to change your default web browser you may do so easily.
     To Make Internet Explorer your default Browser click your IE Tools Menu
     and select Internet Options. Once in IE's Internet Options click the Programs Tab.
     You will see some options to make Internet Explorer your default browser.
     To Make Netscape your default Browser check your Netscape Prefrences.
     To Make IE within AOL your default Browser simply say Yes when installing
     America Online. We do not suggest using AOL as your default browser.
     To Make Other Web Browsers your default Web Browser check their documentation.

   Will Never Offline(SM) automatically detect my Time Zone for my Atomic Clock?
    Yes. Never Offline(SM) will automatically detect your Time Zone and atomically set
    your clock. Please verify that you have the correct Windows Time Zone set by
    Double Clicking your Clock in your Windows TaskTray. If you need help setting the
    correct Time Zone email us your location and we will tell you your Time Zone.

   Will I incur any telephone or internet charges with Never Offline(SM)?
    No. As long as your internet provider is unlimited access, and your telephone call is local,
    you will not incur any internet or telephone charges. Depending on where you are in the
    world your Local Telephone company may charge you for your local call. Please check with
    your local telephone company to be sure.

   Online EMail Support - Instantly eMail the NOL™ Staff for help anytime, keyword
    eMail or you may also call us 24 hours a day at 505/828-9864.
   NOL(SM)'s Always On Top feature keeps Never Offline™ within your reach at all times.
   AMO's Internet Search Portal™ allows you to search the world easily.
    Using our Search Engine Machine™ technology, you can search multiple search
    engines simultaneously, giving you the best internet search capabilities ANYWHERE
    on this planet. FIND IT and FAST. KEYWORDS: isp or search
   The Never Offline™ Service/Software does it's job...
Never Offline(SM) does it's job seamlessly, which amounts to DAYS, WEEKS, EVEN MONTHS ONLINE with a SINGLE PHONE CALL!
   Never Offline™ Software does it's job, seamlessly.
     The NOL™ Icon in the Windows TaskTray; All Users:
  Never Offline(SM) TaskTray Support, Launch NeverOffline.NET, access this help and keywords, tell your friends, and use our Internet Search Portal(SM)
   Right Click the NOL™ pyramid AIM Icon to in your Windows TaskTray to tell your friends,
   Launch AMO (keyword AMO), access the help and keywords (keyword help), and exit your
   TaskTray - all from the conveinence of your Windows System Tray.
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